In Yaqi, all the operation follows our four philosophies to make any business strategies. We believe we could create the biggest value for the clients based on the philosophies and burden of continuous-developed social responsibility.

Truth & Honesty is the core value of Yaqi. From research, production, quality-control, sales to training, we run our business based on the attitude of truth & honesty. In our faith, Truth & Honesty builds the trust between the clients and us.

That’s the only way for sustainable business-running.


Strict examination ensures top quality
products for our clients. It reduces the risk of international business; good quality itself reduces the cost for further dealing.

We ensure the top-quality for our clients and don’t have to deal with the quality-control
after receiving it.

Pollution is also one of the major threats to our earth. The increase in the sources and extent of pollution are threatening our efforts to maintain healthy societies.

From starting our business, we insist our faith about the protection of our fragile ecology.

Before related environmental clauses made from the government, we follow our faiths to build the clean environment for the next generation.


Yaqi R&D team has been devoted to the innovation on the technology and the design of the product for years.
The trend of the market is always updated to create the new opportunity.
We keep researching on the technology and strategies for the new product to make sure our clients having sustained profit in the market.

We, Yaqi, expect ourselves to be the new trend in the wire mesh industry.