Filter Cylinders

Material: SS302, SS304, SS404L, SS316, SS316L, Monel 400, Hastelloy. Mainly made of stainless steel wire mesh, sintered wire mesh, iron mesh, stainless steel, iron sheets etc.

Kinds: single-layer welding, multi-layer welding, single-layer welding followed with multi-layer welding by intersecting metal filter tube, network tube, wire mesh bucket etc.

Shape: tubular cartridge, basket-style cartridge, cup-type cartridge, folding cartridge

Applications: catalyst filtration and separation; filtration of cooking oil, beverages, and eating slurry; purification and filtration of industrial wastewater.

Applicable industries: petrochemicals, metallurgical industry, polymer melt filtration and purification in chemical fiber film industry, the pharmaceutical industry

Note: produce accurately according to customers' samples or drawings and provide samples to allow customers to detect.

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